Practice areas and fees

Civil and commercial law

The BOËL law firm specialises in commercial and civil contracts in various areas (lease, construction, ownership, sale…) as well as liability law (road accident, insurance, occupational or personal responsibility…) and non-profit law.

The BOËL law firm assists both individuals and legal entities (non-profit organisations or companies), in order to find an acceptable solution to their problems, all the way from negotiating contracts, organise a settlement to judicial defence before the Courts


Thanks to its human scale, the BOËL law firm charges reasonable fees.

They come under three headings:

  • fees, which are the lawyer’s earnings;
  • travel expenses;
  • legal costs and disbursements (bailiff, expert and court’s fees …).

Base fees are calculated based on the time spent on the file. The applicable hourly rate, which varies according to the experience, the importance, the urgency and the complexity of the case, ranges from €125 to €200. This rate may be increased upon mutual agreement.

In cases which can be evaluated in money terms, success fees can be agreed upon.
These fees include all costs except travel costs, which can also be indexed, set at €0.40 per kilometre (the fee is applicable only for trips outside Brussels city).

Legal fees and other expenses are charged at cost.

The BOËL law firm may present interim financial reports, upon request or upon its own initiative.
The non-payment of interim or final fees or costs within the month automatically entails default interests at a rate fixed by the law of 2 August 2002.

The BOËL law firm’s professional liability is covered by a group insurance policy, underwritten by the French and Dutch Orders of the Brussels Ba